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Why resist the Addis Abeba Master Plan? – A constitutional legal exploration


By Tsegaye R. Ararssa , August, 2015


When,in mid April 2014, the government in Ethiopia announced its readiness to implement what it called the “Addis Abeba Integrated Regional Development Plan” (the “Master Plan” for short), which proposes to annex most of the city’s surrounding areas belonging to the National Regional State of Oromia, it provoked an immediate reaction from university students across the state of Oromia. But through the instrumentality of its security forces (such as the Federal and State Police, the Army, and the Special Forces), the government responded with brutal repression of the protests.


Fuelled by anger triggered by the reckless words and utter disdain expressed in the course of a televised discussion between the Addis Abeba City Administration and the mayors and other executives from the surrounding towns over the Master Plan, and informed by a history of killing, mutilation, dispossession, and political marginalization (all of which continue unabated), the protests were more a spontaneous reaction than a planned resistance. In a series of campus-based and street protests that barely lasted for two weeks, countless innocent Oromos were killed and jailed. Read the rest...












Ethiopian Election 2015: Is Democracy Prosperous or Destitute?

HRLHA Press Release

June 28, 2015 Public, For Immediate Release


Ethiopia holds general elections every five years; the most recent one was held on May 24, 2015. The ruling TPLF/EPRDF party, which has been in power for the past twenty-four years, officially announced on this past Monday, June 22, 2015 that the government and its allies ((political organizations created by EPRDF) won a landslide victory in the country’s parliamentary elections. In the announcement, the ruling party proudly declared itself, not just the winner, but that it was also more victorious than ever before by taking all seats in both the federal and regional parliaments with its allies. In the months and weeks leading to the elections, under very restrictive conditions and in some places even where detentions were common, campaigns by the opposition parties were very intense, and the public response in support of the parties was far beyond expectations. Read more...









London:Minister for Africa expresses concern over Ethiopian elections

Press Release from Foreign & Commonwealth Office and James Duddridge MP , 22 june 2015


Minister for Africa James Duddridge calls on Ethiopian government to increase diversity in parliament and ensure the voices of all citizens are heard.



Commenting on the election results, Minister for Africa James Duddridge said:


I welcome the fact that the recent Ethiopian parliamentary elections were conducted in a generally peaceful environment and that the Ethiopian people turned out in large numbers. I agree with European Union concerns about the negative impact on the electoral environment of arrests of opposition members and journalists, closure of media outlets, and obstacles faced by the opposition while campaigning.


In light of the results I urge the Ethiopian government to explore ways to increase the diversity of political parties in future parliaments, and to ensure those who voted for other parties this time still feel their voice is heard in the next five years. I hope that they will comprehensively address all the issues raised in the African Union Election Observation Mission report. The UK stands ready to offer support which might help in this regard.


Lead for the Master of Our Destination Instead of Doing Homework to Destruct


By Dr.Baro Keno Deresa (PhD)










The passing of our hero’s, an icon of the struggle against the colonization of our country Oromia, creates a great hope to fill. Their death also reminds us of their life. A life unparalleled for their bravery, conviction, and devotion to a just cause, and to the liberation of their fellow men and women in Oromia and particularly their own people Oromo those who mostly affected. A life in which they struggled against the might of the Ethiopian empire and sacrificed their own liberty so that all Oromo’s and other nationalities in Oromia could enjoy dignity, prosperity, and freedom. This paper discusses the complexity of our struggle, Oromumma factor and way out. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

All human being are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, equality and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these Rights, governments are instituted, whenever any Form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government in order to keep in place a concrete foundation for democratic governance and rule of law.Read more...












Pace of Peace With Apoptotic And Necrotic Label


By Dr. Baro Keno Deressa


We must reorient our understanding of what colonization is in order to situate ourselves to act on bringing health into our lives and to break the colonial regime’s constant negative pressure on the practical reality of our lives. This paper argues that individual and groups who betrays the truth of Oromo’s and supporting the enemies.

In the long and continuous battle for freedom, despite many reverses, freedom has won battles. Many died in those battles in the conviction that to die in the struggle against oppression was better than to live without freedom. Such a death was the utmost assertion of their individuality. Read more...











Ethiopia: The Endless Violence against Oromo Nationals Continues


Fear of Torture

HRLHA Urgent Action

For Immediate Release

May 7, 2015

Harassments and intimidations through arbitrary arrests, kidnappings and disappearances have continued unabated in Ambo and the surrounding areas against Oromo youths and intellectuals since the crackdowns of last year April, 2014, when more than 79 Oromos, mostly youths, were killed by members of the federal security force.


According to HRLHA correspondents in Ambo, the major target of this most recent governmentsponsored violence were Ambo University and high schools Oromo students in Ambo town. In this

incident which started on April 20, 2015 more than 50 university and high school students were arrested;

more than 20 were severely beaten by the security force and taken to Ambo General Hospital for treatment.


Although it has been difficult to identify everyone by their names, HRLHA correspondents haveconfirmed that the following were among the arrestees: Read more...
























Leaked Blue Party's Agenda to Sustain the Amhara's Status quo in Oromia and SNNP


The following BLUE PARTY's political agenda is an information leaked being sent to a wrong e-mail by the party's official. Simbirtuu has obtained tihis document from confidential source. Moreover, the reality on the ground also witnesses this.



Based on the thesis that the Oromo lacked essentials characteristics of nation except the one created for them by ‘ወያኔ’ the enemy of Ethiopia. We created a system to continually Amharaize these pre-ethnic raw materials.

‘እምቢታ’ has been relentlessly working towards the establishment of resilient political systems in translating ‘ የእምዬ ልጆች vision into practice. Up on critical analysis about the status of our struggle, it was decided on the 10th round meeting held on 20 March 2017, to make our strategy and the result achieved known to more of our people.

‘እምቢታ’ as created with the vision of maintaining the statuesque of Amhara politics and identity. The major executive strategy has been Using Small and Micro Enterprises as the best way out to effectively to translate the vision into practice. In this regard getting financially, economically and politically well-organized small and micro-enterprises; especially, in Oromia and SNNP towns helped us to move fast on every long steps in our struggle.

Confronting the ‘ወያኔ officials with questions of citizenship right-like getting employed everywhere in the country and getting office service with Ethiopian language, Amharic.

Using a religious festivity and some religious places as a good opportunity to sustain and flourish the symbol of Amhara identity.

The kindergarten. This is not necessarily the ownership

Assuming any position in Oromia towns at different level, especially at Kebele and ‘goti’ where the possibility for residence of our comrades can be paved.

Creating issues in universities where our latent political struggle has been very much fruit full Other service sectors like transportation and hotel has been vibrantly serving the purposeResults Achieved.

So far, many results have been achieved; the one achieved by small and micro enterprises is usually remembered with very great pride of Ethiopians. How they managed to make other languages a quasi-official language and able to get services in Amharic is an exemplarydeed of heroes and heroines. Viva ‘የእምዬ ልጆች !!! The work done in Debrezeit, Nazaret, sebeta, Sendafa, Sululta, Asebe Teferi, Harar, Bonga, Awasa, Arbaminch, Shashamane, Meki And Asela has brought an everlasting impact.

Victory over employment restriction; as a result, we managed to get our comrades employed everywhere in the country. Unlike before, we now have many of them, even, in the remotest parts of rural Oromia. Since their employment, they have been making an immense contribution. They created a network of historically, politically and culturally detached Amhara descendants living in Oromia and SNNPs.

An ever great opportunity for fostering Ethiopianism symbol is embedded in Orthodox Christianity; grate has been done in making use of this opportunity. However, many irregularities have been observed in making use of the Flag; has been adulterated with some other foreign items.

Above all, we are very much thankful to derivers and kindergarten teacher for effectively implementing our strategy. The results achieved in this regard, as the impact is not well rooted at this stage, were decided to remain as a secret for at least some periods. The result; however, is marvelous!



Finfinne versus Brussels differentiate the real democracy from fake democracy


Oromia (Africa) with 40 million inhabitants. Belgium(Europe) with 10.5 million inhabitants.


By Dr. Baro Keno Deressa, via qeerroo.org


My intention with this paper is not to write the history of Finfinne (Addis ababa) and Brussel, But to oppose the puppet of TPLF with so called diaspora Oromo and to emphasize the total absence of democracy and humanity under TPLF rule. The second message is to call all true Oromo’s to stop infighting and focus on bitter struggle with concrete message. The history of Finfinne (Addis Ababa) in a way reflects the way the Oromo people were conquered, robbed off their land and properties, reduced to serfs and slaves, and kept under inhuman subjugation. Read more...














Student Protests Erupt Across Oromia: An Oromo

Pastor under Attack – Accused of Praying for the

Downfall of the Government


source: qeerroo.org, 15-03-2015


Qeerroo’s Status Update: February 22 – March 13, 2015

Oromo student protests continue to erupt in several towns in the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia taking various forms in recent weeks. The new round of protests begun on February 22, 2015 when

Oromo students and youth of Jimma town turned an Oromian championship sports event which was taking place in the city into a protest against the so called “Addis Ababa Master Plan” and against the recent inflammatory speech of Abay Tsehaye, one of the TPLF strongmen. The students chanted slogans such as “Finfinne is ours! Adama is ours! Jimma is ours!” and more, a reminiscent of the bloody

April/May 2014 widespread protest, in which more or less the same slogans have been chanted throughout Oromia. The Oromo youth were also singing revolutionary songs in the whole stadium. The protests continued beyond control in Jimma Stadium and on the streetts of the city on a daily basis until the sport championship was to come to a close on Sunday, March 1. More more...










Top Ten Reasons Why Afan Oromo Should Be the Federal Working Language in Ethiopia


By Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni* via gadaa.com


Nowhere in the world has the government of the country refused to speak the language of the majority of its people. It is weird, unthinkable, unjust, undemocratic, immoral, and absolutely unacceptable. Ethiopia is all of these. The Ethiopian Federal Government and two of its largest cities do not speak the language of the majority of the people, Afan Oromo. This is a preliminary outline to say the obvious: make Afan Oromo legally and unconditionally the Working Language of the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the two largest cities of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa.

Here are the top ten reasons why:











Ethiopia: TPLF’s Leaders Arrogance and Contempt: Inviting Further Bloodshed and Loss of Lives


HRLHA Statement, February 23, 2015


Since the downfall of the military government of Ethiopia in 1991, the political and socioeconomic lives of the country have totally been controlled by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front/TPLF leaders and business institutions. As soon as the TPLF controlled Addis Ababa, the capital city, in 1991, the first step it took was to create People’s Democratic Organizations (PDOs) in the name of different nations and nationalities in the country. With the help of these PDOs, the TPLF managed to control the whole country in a short period of time from corner to corner. The next step that the TPLF took was to weaken and/or eliminate all independent opposition political organizations existing in the country, including those with whom it formed the Ethiopian Transitional Government in 1991. Just to pretend that it was democratizing the country, the TPLF signed seven international human rights documents from 1991 to 2014. These include the “Convention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment”. Despite this, it is known that the TPLF has tortured many of its own citizens ever since it assumed power, and has continued to the present day. Read more...












ETHIOPIA: Political Violence Intensifies as the fifth National Election Approaches


Source: Humanrights league of the Horn of Africa, 16-02-15


HRLHA Urgent Action


According to a schedule released by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, citizens will go to the polls to elect a new government on 24 May 2015. It will be Ethiopia’s fifth national election since EPRDF came to power in 1991.


In connection with the coming National Election of Ethiopia, the ruling EPRDF government has begun to wage a widespread campaign to secure again the 99.6% of parliamentarian seats it has controlled since 2010- the seats it acquired by electoral fraud. As the election date of May 2015 approaches, the government of Ethiopia has unabashedly continued its systematic violence against opposition political parties’ leaders, members, and supporters. Candidates of the opposition political parties are the major targets in all regional states in the country including the capital city, Finfinne/Addis Ababa. For example, the information that the HRLHA has obtained through its correspondents indicates that hundreds of election candidates of the opposition OFC (Oromo Federalist Congress) party from most zones of Oromia Regional State have been arrested and sent to prisons.


In the most recent wave of arrests and imprisonments that has been going on since the first week of January, 2015 and which has touched almost all corners of Oromia, hundreds of OFC party leaders, members and supporters from all walks of life have been taken from their homes and work places and sent to prison.


Read More: http://ayyaantuu.com


“Ethiopia” and “empire Ethiopia”, the most confusing word


By Guraacha Akawaaq | February 15, 2015 via ayyaantuu.com


Before I go on and discuss about “the power of word” let me define term “empire Ethiopia”. According to dictionary, “empire” means ….. extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, kingdom, realm, domain, territory, imperium; commonwealth..etc


To place this topic in proper perspective, we have to go back to the very beginning of the formation of Ethiopia. If we say that is a very good place to start, then, by referring to Ethiopia as an “EMPIRE” it becomes so clear that we are not acknowledging the descendants of the Habasha tribes superiority over the rest of us. Rather, we are simply explaining the historical background of the Ethiopian state formation and it’s current status.


In other words, though the Habasha tribes are presiding or governing over the nations and nationalities who fell under their colonial rule, when we say “empire Ethiopia”, we are not saying that theses tribes are stronger than the rest of us physiologically, physically or morally. Nonetheless, the political condition under which our relationship was established with the Habasha tribes are not lawful but it has an imperium nature.


Surly then, it is significant that after the Oromo and other enslaved people were placed under the Habasha tribes control, we lost our cultural values, languages and the ability to govern ourselves. For that reason, by naming and by defining our relationships with the Habasha tribes and by not forgetting how Ethiopia was established, we fight the unfair way and manner still manifested within the so called territory “Ethiopia”. Read more...











Gagging the media in Ethiopia


By Graham Peebles, www.redressonline.com, 14022015



Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan discuss Nile dam


Source: Anadolu Agency


ADDIS ABABA – Officials from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on Wednesday held an unannounced meeting to discuss a multibillion-dollar dam being built by Addis Ababa on the Nile River.


The tripartite meeting was held behind closed doors amid a total media blackout, an Anadolu Agency correspondent reported.


Along with experts from the three countries, Wednesday's meeting was attended by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, Egyptian Irrigation Minister Hossam Moghazi, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom and Sudanese Irrigation Minister Moataz Moussa.


Ethiopia and Egypt are trying to narrow their differences over the dam project.


The two countries agreed to resume tripartite talks – along with downstream Sudan – after Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn met in Equatorial Guinea last summer.


Meetings of a tripartite technical committee, set up in 2011, resumed last August following an eight-month hiatus due to ongoing differences between Cairo and Addis Ababa.


Last September, the tripartite committee decided to hire research firms tasked with assessing the project's anticipated trans-boundary and environmental impact.


Egypt fears the dam will negatively affect its traditional share of water from the Nile, its only source of water.


Ethiopia, for its part, says the project is indispensible to its own national development and the economic welfare of its burgeoning population.


Kenya: Former Moyale MP Philip Godana shot dead at his Syokimau home


Source: Standard Digital News, 14-02-15


Former Moyale MP Philip Godana was Saturday morning shot dead in a robbery at his Syokimau home, Machakos County. Police say four gunmen raided the home at about 2am as the former MP and his family slept and shot him dead following a struggle. According to officers on the ground, the attackers were out to rob the family and fired gunshots when they met resistance. Godana is husband of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissioner Kule Galma.


Tension was high in Syokimau on Saturday morning as residents gathered ready to stage a protest over increased insecurity. Top police officers led by Machakos County Commander Gideon Amalla visited the home Saturday morning following reports of the death. “I extend my condolence to the family, relatives and friends of late Phillip Galma Godana, former Member of Parliament for Moyale constituency. May God rest his soul in peace and give the family strength during this difficult time,” said Marsabit Governor Ukur Yatanni. Yatanni appealed to the government to bring the culprits to book. See Also: Man shot in attempt to help robbery victim The incident comes in the wake of rampant insecurity in the neighbouring Nairobi County. Last Saturday, Kabete MP George Muchai, his two bodyguards and a driver were shot dead in Nairobi Central Business District in an incident that has left the country in shock.


Ethiopia: Released Report “The Possible Loss of 16.5 Billion Dollars


Public Diplomacy and Regional Infrastructure investment news.


The panel, was chaired by Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa

February 11, 2015, Addis Ababa (Horn of Africa Newsline) – African Union’s (AU) high level panel on illicit financial flows (IFF) from Africa ranked Ethiopia ninth from the top 10 African countries with high illicit financial flows from 1970 to 2008 next to Côte d’Ivoire and Sudan.


The panel, which was chaired by Thabo Mbeki, former South African president and comprised nine other members, released its report at Hilton Hotel on February 1, 2015.


  • The high level panel is the first African initiative mandated to be established after the fourth joint annual meeting of the AU/ECA conference of ministers of finance, planning and economic development adopted a resolution to establish the level of IFF from the continent, to asses its long term impacts and to propose policies in reversing the illegal outflows.


The Report of the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, used estimates by various researches on illicit financial flows from Africa, adding that a significant amount was from sources such as bribing and trafficking of drugs, people and firearms, which are secret in nature and could not be properly estimated.


The panel reported that Ethiopia could have lost 16.5 billion dollars due to illicit financial flow from 1970 to 2008, which was 2.3pc of the total IFF from the continent, based on which the total continental loss could be computed to a little over 700 billion dollars. However, the report gives a different figure, 854 billion dollars for the total loss during the period.


The report, however, also adds that the loss of the last 50 years could be in excess of over one trillion dollars, adding the average annual loss could be significantly higher than the estimates because of secret bribes and trafficking.


Similar reports have previously been released by other bodies. Citing corruption and bribery as major reasons for the increase in IFF, the Global financial report, which had illustrated data from World Bank and the International Monetary Fund showed that Ethiopia had lost 11.7 billion dollars in illegal financial out flow between 2000 and 2009. Similarly, the UNDP report had shown that Ethiopia had lost 8.3 billion dollars from 1990 to 2008 representing 3.6 pc of its GDP.



The AU panel, after noting that IFFs had a negative impact on fiscal shortfall and on social spending, showed that Ethiopia loses six percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) due to IFF per year. According to the report, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa are the top three African countries with 217.7, 105.2 and 81.8 billion dollars cumulative IFFs respectively from 1970 to 2008, with Nigeria accounting for 30.5 pc of the total.


Ethiopia would take only nine years to reach the MDG goal of under-five mortality since 2000 if IFF was eliminated, instead of 13 years, the report said. The actual annual reduction in under-5 mortality rate between 2000 to 2011 was 5.3 pc according to the report. This rate of the under five mortality rate will potentially reduced to 7.58 pc in the absence of the illegal flow, the report claimed.


The report identifies three prominent grounds for the illegal flow with IFF originating from commercial activities accounting 65 Pc. Abusive transfer pricing, trade mispricing and misinvocing of services with the aim of tax evasion, aggressive tax avoidance and illegal export of foreign exchange are the activities mentioned within IFF originating from commercial activities by the report. Criminal activities such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering account for 30pc of the illicit flow, with corruption accounting for just five percent.


Corruption, particularly in relation to the construction and hydroelectric sector is the main reason for the high illicit financial flow from Ethiopia, an economist who wished to remain anonymous told Fortune, adding that over invoice of import items and under invoice of export items have also contributed to the high IFF in the country.


Ensuring publicly accessible national and sub-national budget information and transparent auditing is recommended by the report for African countries to curb the corruption element of IFF. Moreover, to eliminate trade mispricing, the report advises countries to have clear and concise laws that illegalize intentional stating of prices.


Source: HAN


The AU panel, after noting that IFFs had a negative impact on fiscal shortfall and on social spending, showed that Ethiopia loses six percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) due to IFF per year. According to the report, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa are the top three African countries with 217.7, 105.2 and 81.8 billion dollars cumulative IFFs respectively from 1970 to 2008, with Nigeria accounting for 30.5 pc of the total.


Ethiopia would take only nine years to reach the MDG goal of under-five mortality since 2000 if IFF was eliminated, instead of 13 years, the report said. The actual annual reduction in under-5 mortality rate between 2000 to 2011 was 5.3 pc according to the report. This rate of the under five mortality rate will potentially reduced to 7.58 pc in the absence of the illegal flow, the report claimed.


The report identifies three prominent grounds for the illegal flow with IFF originating from commercial activities accounting 65 Pc. Abusive transfer pricing, trade mispricing and misinvocing of services with the aim of tax evasion, aggressive tax avoidance and illegal export of foreign exchange are the activities mentioned within IFF originating from commercial activities by the report. Criminal activities such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering account for 30pc of the illicit flow, with corruption accounting for just five percent.


Corruption, particularly in relation to the construction and hydroelectric sector is the main reason for the high illicit financial flow from Ethiopia, an economist who wished to remain anonymous told Fortune, adding that over invoice of import items and under invoice of export items have also contributed to the high IFF in the country.


Ensuring publicly accessible national and sub-national budget information and transparent auditing is recommended by the report for African countries to curb the corruption element of IFF. Moreover, to eliminate trade mispricing, the report advises countries to have clear and concise laws that illegalize intentional stating of prices.


Source: HAN





SEENAA Y.G(2005) tiin, Fulbaana 2015


Bilisummaa Oromiyaa fi Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoo boriif bu’ura kan ta’an keessaa, waan Afur Injifannoon xumurachuu keenyattan amana.

1ffaa. Kaayyoo Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo dhaabbatee fi dhaabni kun Ummata keessa waggaa 2f jiraachuuf carraa argachuu isaa,

2ffaa.Daangaa Oromiyaa jedhamu kaartaa addunyaa keessa seenuu isaa,

3ffaa. Afaan Oromoo Qooqa/Afaan saba guddaa, Qooqa ittiin Hojjachuu fi barachuu danda’amu mirkanaa’uu isaa,

4ffaa. IRREECHII ykn IRREESSI Aadaa fi seenaa Oromoo boruu Ummatichaan dagaaganiif bu’ura ta’uu, Ummatichi aadaa fi Amantii mataa isaa qabaachuu, Ummatichis duudhaa isaa kana deeffachuu akka barbaadu jabiina Ummatichaan diinnis firris hubachuudha. Guutummaatti dubbisuuf...














SEENAA Y.G(2005) tiin, Fulbaana 2015


kutaa 1ffaa

Nama Qabsoo keessatti hirmaate mitii, sabummaa qofti itti dhaga’amee waan gaggeeffamaa jiru miidiyaa irraa qofa ka hordofu, dhugaa adeemsa qabsoo Oromoo, dogoggora tokko malee dubbachuu ni danda’a. Seenaa fi yeroo irraa barachuu jechuun kanadha. Haqa Kana mirkaneessf ragaan adda duraa , Ummata Oromoo kabajamaadha. Gaaffii , Ummati Oromoo hanga dhumaatti maaliif ABO waliin dhaabbachuuf murteeffate ?? Waggoota 26n dabran ABOn Biyya keessa odoo hin jiraatiin, Ummati of laatee isaaf falmuun maal irraati ? gaaffii jedhuuf deebii haqaa kan kennu, Oromoo ofittummaa irraa bilisa ta’ee qofaadha. Guutumaasaa dubbisuuf...













Finfinnee: Bakka-buutotni Amantii Musliimaa Waggaa 7-22tti Adabamani.

Manni murtii Itoophiyaa 'Sagaleen keenya haa dhagaahamu" jechuun gaaffii hordoftootni amantaa Musliimaa Itoophiyaa mootummaarratti kaasan kan bakka bu'an Wixata dabre hidhaatiin adabe.

Dhaddachi gaafa Hagayya 3, 2015 taa'e, namoota 18 irratti hidhaa waggaa 22 hamma 7tti jigsee ka'e. Abubeker Ahmed, Ahmedin Jabelfaa ganna 22, Murad Shukurfaa immoo waggaa 7 akka hidhamani jedhe.

Mootummaan amantaa keessa harka hin naqatiin jechuun gaaffi kaasaniif warri bakka-bu'anii turani garuu hidhaman kunneen. Mootummana Itoophiyaa goolessitoota itttin jedhee ganna 2n dura isaan hidhe. Labsii farra-goolessitummaa jedhamee bahe sana qaamota addaa addaa biyya keessaa fi alaan balaaleffatamaa jira, ulee ittiin mormituu adabuuf bahe dha jedhani.



SEENAA Y.G (2005)

Mana ijaaramu tokkof UTUBAA FI DAGALEETU hundee dha. Utubaan qophaa isaa dhaabbatee Mana ta’uu hin danda’u. Dagaleenis akkasuma. lameen isaanii adda baasanii mana ijaaruun habjuudha. Ijaarsi Manneen durii, Utubaa fi Dagalee irratti hundaa’an. Kan hammayyaa har’aa ammoo, Kolamii (colum) fi Biimii (Beem) irratti hundaa’an . haalli hojii isaanii baraan adda haa ba’an malee, faayidaan isaanii tokkuma. Dagalee fi Utubaan durii garuu, isa hammayyaa har’aaf bu’ura waan ta’aniif, Kaayyoo barruu kanaaf filadheera. Itti fufi dubbisi...











SEENAA Y.G(2005) tiin, 24-06-2015

Baqattummaan booqaa hin qabu. Kan gabrummaa jibbee, Biyya abbaa isaa gadhiisee Biyya lammaffaa kamuu keessatti, hayyama jireenyaa argatees ta’uu dhokotee ka jiraatu hundumtuu, Baqataadha. Biyyoonni tokko tokko ykn Biyyoonni gurguddatan, kunuunsa namaaf godhan ykn hayyama jireenyaa namaaf kennanii, Baqataan Biyya isaanii jiru hojjatee akka jiraatu waan taasisaniif, baqattummaan Biyya lammaffaa keessa jiraachuu keenya nu dagachiisa jedhee hin yaadu. yoo akkas taate garuu, duuti keenyayyuu achuma ta’uu murteeffanne jechuudha. Guutummaasaa dubbisi...








Nairobi: Oromotni Basaasota Itoophiyaa Qabanii Hiisisani.

Bara dheeraaf koolu galtoota jedhanii hawaasa Oromoo Nairobi keessa kan jiraata turan namootni hawwasa Oromoo bakak buune jechuun Itoophiyaatti harka kennatanii ture. Hawaasni Oromoo achiis jarri diinatti galan kuni gantuu dha malee nuun bakak hin buáni jedhanii akka isaan saaxilan walii galanii gargala galani tobree dabre kora taaániin.

Akkka kanaan 1. Namo Kanuu Gunnusoo Damussee jedhamu, tika suurraa fi maqaa Oromootaa 52 fi bilbila Itoophiyaa wajjin, 2. Hasan bashirii fi kodeesaa Finfinneerraa dirqama fudhatanii Nairobitti deebi'an jedhan qabanaii poolisia Keeniyaatti kennanii hisisaniiru, akka madda keenya I/ AD/T hawaasa Oromoo Nairobiitti. Oromoota jarreen kunnene hiisisanii tures hawaasni hiiksifataniiru.


Oromiyaa: Dargaggootni Oromoo Loltuu Akka ta'an Mootummaan Moogsaa fi doorsisaa Jira

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa dargaggootni akka waraana biyyoolessaatti qacaramaniif Oromiyaa keessatti sochii eegale. Aanaa Sulultaa ganda marattuu dargaggootni dirqii ykn doorsisaa fi maallaqaan sossobanii akka raayyaa waraanaatti galaniif gareen bobbaarra jira.

Kaayyoon duula kanaa bifa lama qaba jedhu maddi keenya FF. 1. Fincila diddaa dhimmaa master paln tiin wal-qabatee aanaa sana keessa jiru dhaamsuuf dha. 2ffaan Filannoo, jireenyi qaalahuu, tarkaanfii WBO, fincilaa, ganuu raayyaa waraanaa fi fincila qeerroo itti cimaa dhufuurraa kana ka'e tarii lolli yoo cimee dhufeef jedhee sodaarraa ta'uu mala.


Sabbata: Barataan Oromoo koolleejjii Sabbataa Itoophiyaatiin Ajjeefame. Barttootni Danuun Ukkaamsamaniiru.

Jimaata dabre hidhattootni mootummaa Itoophiyaa barataa Oromoo tokko magalaa Sabbataa keessatti ajjeesani. Barataan du'e kuni hiriyyootasaa wajjin karaarra osoo dhaabbataa jiruutii waraanni itti dhufanii tumuu eegalanii, booda dadhabaansaa mana yaalaa seenee achitti lubbuunsaa wareegame jedha maddi keenya Sabbataa. Barataan suni qeerroo keessa jirta, barattoota fincilsiifta, OFC deeggarta jedhamee doorsifamaa turee jedha maddi kuni. Reeffisaa Sambata dabre gara maatiisaa magalaa Naqamteetti ergame.

Gaafuma sana fincila mootummaarratti kaastani jedhamanii barattootni torba caalan ukkamfamanii eessa fi maal keessa akka jiran hin beekamnes jedhame. Poolisi, bulchiina aanaa Sabbata Hawaas fi koolleejjiin Sabbataa kanarratti hagammaatti waa hin jenne.

Bolten: Oromootni Manchester United fi Naannoo Jiraatan GGO Kabajani

Guyyaan gootoota Oromoo gaafa Caamsaa 23, 2015 bifa oo' ana kabajame. Ayyaanni suni akka aadaa Oromootti eebba manguddoon eegale. Itti fufees faaruun goototaa fi haasawaan bakka bu' aa koree qindeessituu ayyaanichaa wal-duraa duubaan itti aane.

Dr.Barsiisaa Guutamaa I/G ABO kutaa UK guyyaan goototaa maaliif kabajamuu akka eegalee fi barbaachisumaasa irratti haasawaa taasisani. Kabaja kanarratti harka caalaan dargaggootni fi shammarran hedduun irratti argamuun miidhagina itti dabaleera jedhani namoota Simbirtuun dubbiste. Kanarratti Simbirtuun qophii addaa Kamisa dhufu qabattee ni dhihaatti.

Oromiyaa: Filannoon Wal-qabatee Guutuu Oromiyaatti Diddaa fi Hidhaan Itti Fufe

Filmaata gaafa 23-05-2015tii as Yuniversitiilee fi magaalota Oromiya akeessa jiran adda addaatti jeequmsi eegalee itti fufee jira. Maddi jeequmsa kanaa , mootummaan mormitoota warra jedhee shakke dargaggootaa fi jiraattota qabee hidhuu dha. Kan biraan, billittoon filannoo hatameera, ykn hin hachisiifnu sababa jedhuun walitti bu' insa dhalateeni.

Yuniversitii Jimmaa, MAdda-Walaabuu, Haramayaa tti ni hatame jedhanii barattootnii korojoo kennuu didani jedha maddeen Simbirtuu.


Magaalota kan akka Baakkoo, Midaa-qanyii, Waayyuu, Kombolcha, naqamte,Shaambuu, Najjoo, Guyii, Dambii-doolloo, Gimbii, Jimma, Mattuu, Buusaa, Tajii, Kuyyuu, Fiichee, Bulee Horaa, Roobee fi bakkoota hedduutti namootni hidhamanii , reebamaniiru humna mootummaatiin.Universitii Haramayaa, Madda-Walaabuu, AMBO, Jimmaa fi Wallaggaa keessaa raayyaan waraana barattoota hidhaa fi reebaa jira. Midha Qanyiitit namni Giddiisaa Camadaa ajjeefamaniiru. Kuyyuuttimmoo mootummaan gaafa filmaataaf jecha qarshii fi sangoota uummatarraa fuuhdanii gaafas osoo bunallee ittiin hin danfisiin hafuun guumgummii guddaa uumeera.


Engineer Girmaa Xurunee fi Dr. Aduunya Boggaalee Dabalatee dargaggoonni Oromoo 4 Loltoota Wayyaaneen Mana Jireenyaan Weeraramuun Ukkaamfaman

Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Caamsaa 22,2015 Finfinnee













Oromoota qaroo sabaa ta’anii fi kanneen sabboonummaan kuulaman barbaaduun adamsee ukkaamsuu kan itti fufe mootummaan Wayyaanee /EPRDF gaafa Caamsaa 22,2015 kutaa magaalaa Finfinnaa naannoo Gullallee Madaanalem jedhamutti humna waraana guddaa bobbaasuun dargaggoota Oromoo qaroo ta’an afur (4) mana jireenya isaanii keessaa ukkaamsee deemuu fi qabeenya qaban maras saamuun konkolaataa loltuun fa’atee deeemee jira. Kanneen seeraan ala Ukkaamfaman kunis:


1. Injiner Girmaa Xurunaa,

2. Dr,Aduunyaa Boggaalee, Yuniversitii qonnaa Baakkoo irraa kan barsiisu.

3. Dubree Kumasii Xurunaa umurii 19 fi barattuu preparatory Waggaa 1ffaa mana barumsaa Gullallee Madaanalem./Obboleettii Injiner Girmaa

4. Leencoo Addunyaa,Umuriin wagga 27 kan ta’e barataa.

Akka ta’an beekamee jira. Injiner Girmaa Xumurnaa ammaan duras yeroo adda addaatti kan hidhamaa ture yeroo ta’u, Ebla 2011 irraa hamma 2013 mana hidhaa Ma’ikelaawwii keessaatti hidhamee dararaan suukkanneessaa kan irra gahaa ture ta’uun beekama.


Mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF yeroo kufaatiin isaa dhihaate kanatti tokkummaa fi gamtaan Oromoonni qaban doomsuuf dargaggoota qaroo hawaasaa ta’an ajjeessuu,hidhuu,ukkaamsuu fi reebichaan qorqalbii cabsuun tooftaa siyaasaa godatee ittiin of masakuun daran abbaa irrummaa isaa beeksifataa waan jiruuf jecha,godhchaan isaa kun uummata Oromoos ta’e dargaggoota Oromoo tokko illee gaaffii abbaa biyyummaa irraa duubatti akka hin deebifne Qeerroon Bilisummaa beeksisa.


Ummmanni Oromoo mirgaa fi dimokraasii jireenya isaaf wabii godhachuuf barbaada kan kana hin galleef mootummaan Wayyaanee EPRDF faallaa dimokraasii yaadu iyyuu warraaqsi mirgaa fi bilisummaaf Qeerroon Bilisummaa Oromoo taasisu ammo dacha dachaan itti fufa jechuun qaamni hoggana Qeerroo mirkaneessa.


Ka’i Qeerroo

Qabsoon Hamma Bilisummaa fi Walabummaatti Itti Fufa!


Caamsaa 22,2015



Amersfoort: GGO Hawaasa Oromoo Biyya Netherlands tiin Miidhagee Kabajame

Gaafa Ebla 18, 2015 hawaasni Oromoo biyya Netherlands guyyaa gootota Oromoo bifa miidhagaan kabajatee oole. GGO akka hawaasaatti yoroo jalqabaaf kan kabajame yoroo tahu ayyaanicha Oromootni hedduun irratti argamanii miidhagsaniiru.

Haasawaa baga nagaan dhuftanii dura-taa'aa hawaasa Oromoo achii obbo Matiwos Booboon booda yaadannoo goototaaf sirni dungoo qabsiisuu, eebba manguddoo fi faaruun goototaa dargaggootaa fi weellistuu Angaatuu Baalchaan wal-duraa duubaan raawwate.

GGO maaliif akka kabajamuu fi dhaloota Oromoo guddataa jiran irraa maal akka eegamu obbo Mulugeetaa Moosisaatiin dhihaate.

Geerarsaa fi walalooleen adda addaas dargaggootaan dhihaatanii jaalala gonfatanii ture.

Guyyaa kananaan wal-simatee dhiittinsa mirga dhala namaa Itoophiyaan Oromoorraan geessistu ilaalcisee UNPOtiin gabaasni dhihaateera. Kanarratti Raadiyoon Simbirtuun qophii addaa qabattee dhihaatti.


ODUU GADDAA: Mootummaa Itoophiyaan hidhamaa kan turte Ayyaluu Ittisaa Boqotte


Dubree Ayyaluu Ittisaa bara 1992 Ambotti, 2004-2007tti Karchallee fi Qaallittii itti mootummaa Itoophiyaan hidhamaa turte. Sababiinsaas sabboonummaa ishee qofaafi. Kanaafis ragaan jiru yoroo lamaaniyyuu manni murtii yakka irratti dhabee bilisa ishee lakkisuu isaati jedhu itti dhiheenyaan kan ishee beekan.

Ayyaluu Ittisaa, Itoophiyaa keessatti hojii mootumaas kan dhuunfaas akka hin qabanne mootummaan dhorkaa ture, yoo miseensa Dh.D.U.O. taate malee jechuun, akka madda Simbirtuu itti.

Dubree Ayyaluu Ittisaa barreessituu WMT, miseensaa fi qondaala koree aadaa fi seenaa Oromoo taatee hojjetaa turte.

Ayyaluun haadhashee aadde Jaallee Lataa fi abbaashee obbo Ittisaa Deebisaa irraa bara 1968 Sh/Dhihaa, aanaa Calliyaa ganda Tulluu Kosorruutti dhalatte. Barumsashee sad.1ffaa Tulluu-Maraa fi Geedoo, sad.2faa Amboo, koolleejjii FFtti baratte. Secratory tiin diploman eebbifamteettis.

Bara 1992 dabballee fi miseensa ABO taatee qabsaawaa turte. Shambal Yohansi Moosisaa jalattis miseensa WBO turte jedha seenaan ishee. Ayyaluun bilisummaan booda malee jechuun mana hin dhaabne, ijoollees hin godhanne.. Dhukkuba akka tasaan gaafa 12-04-2015 lubbuun ishee mana yaalaatti FFtti bahe.





Obbo Leencoo, Xalayaa kana wayita dubbistan, warruma balaallaffattan sanatu maqaa Ijoolleen kataban jettanii hin yaadiinaa. Kan akka barreessinu nu dirqisiise,Qabsoo Biyyatti deebifnaa fi dhiiga ijoollee irratti qoosaa jiraachuu keessaniidha. Biyya dhufun keessanis hin hafu, karaa kamiinu kottaa, warri Xalayaa kana isiniif katabne, Nagaa isin gaafannee waan katabne kana fuulleetti isinitti dubbanna. Yaada keenya kana Biyya keessatti isin gaafachuuf qophii turre. Garuu halgaan caalsifattanii itti fiigdan isin hankaakise. Isa bara keessan shiraa fi haqaan dhumee dhiifnee, warri Bara 2000 kaasee Fincilatti jirru fi warri wareegaman, qabsoo Biyya keessaa irratti malee,Qabsoo Magaalaa Osloo ykn Miniyaapoliis keessatti akka hin taanee hubadhaa. Ilmaan Oromoo kuma 70 ol mana hidhaa keessatti dararamaa jiran, Biyyoota Awuroppaa odoo hin taanee, Impaaheera Itoophiyaa keessa ta’uu hin dagatiinaa. Guutummaasaa dubbisi...













SEENAA Y.G (2005)

kutaa 2 ffaa


Barru har’atti odoo hin ceenee , Barruu kiyya kutaa 1ffaa ilaalchisee Namni tokko yaada dhuunfaatti naa katabeen kan naaf qoode dubbiftootaaf dhiheessuun barbaada. Namni kun yaada dabalataa kanatti aanu naaf gumaachee jira. Akkas jedhe/jedhan, hiikkaa “HAYYUU” jedhuuf keesse kun dhugaadha. Waan itti idaate tokkollee hin qabdu. “Oromoon Hayyummaa kan Namaaf kennu, Dhimma Oromoon wal qabatee beekumsa qabanii fi hojii hojjataniin malee, beekumsa saba biraa ykn hammayyaa kanaan miti. jechi “Hayyuu” jedhu, jecha Qaalii Qabeenyaa Oromoo ta’eedha. Guutuusaa dubbisi...












SEENAA Y.G (2005)

kutaa 1ffaa

Ummati Oromoo, Mirga Abbaa Biyyuummaa isaa kabachiisuuf, bakka maraa sagalee inni dhageesisaa jiru, hedduu kan nama Onnachiisuudha. Kana irra yoo hojjatame ammoo, waan barbaadu bira ga’uuf humni isa dhawwu akka hin jirre shakkiin hin jiru. Ummata Oromoof har’a waa’ee Seenaa fi kkf kaasanii dubbii akka hubatu itti himuun barbaachisaa miti. kan lubbuun jiru hundumtuu, Siyaasa addunyaa kanaa fi Biyya Itoophiyaa jedhamtu akka gaaritti kan hubate fi akkaataa gabrummaa jalaa ba’uu irratti qofaa, wal gorsaa fi wal akeekuu irra ga’ee jiraa jechuu dandeenya. Warri waa kataban ykn dubbisan Ummata kanatti waan jiru himuuf yk hubachiisuuf, seenaa fi fakkaanya tarrisun yeroon isaa dabreera. Waan jechuu barbaadan suduudaan itti himu qofaadha. Isa afe dubbisuuf...










Koreewan Moobilayzashiinii Ayyaana Torbee Diyaaspoora Oromiyaa Biyyoota Scandinavia


Koree Stockholm-Sweden :


1 Taraffaa Burka Stockholm +46-762 654 075 burka.okoli@ymail.com W/qabaa

2 Dirree Michaeel Stockholm +46-723 008 058 mdidawa@hotmail.com I/A/w/ qabaa

3 Worquu Jaanka Copenhagen-DK +45-819 089 74 workujanka@yahoo.com Barreesaa

4 Shamis Umar Stockholm +46-722 780 718 Miseensa

5 Tafa Gonfa Sakkara +46-709 942 280 taffa.gonfa@gmail.com Miseensa

6 Shami Yusuf Göteborg +46-729 268 157 urgeyssaa@utlook.com Miseensa

7 Ahimad Sa’iid Stockholm +46-701 872 599 ahmedj@live.se Miseensa

8 Tesfaye Daba Örebro +46-762 707 920 Miseensa

9 Aziizaa Abdellaa Stockholm +46-737 249 812 azizaabdella@yahoo.com Miseensa


Koree Oslo-Norway


1 Tarafaa Burqaa Stockholm +46-762 654 075 burka.okoli@ymail.com W/qabaa

2 Hambisaa Liiban Bergen +47-952 042 17 Kuma47@hotmail.com I/A/w/ qabaa

3 Zawduu Takluu Åarhus-DK +45-914 168 00 teklu78@hotmail.com Barreesaa

4 Dr. Damisee Areddoo Oslo +47-216 802 64 Demissie.aredo@gmail.com Miseensa

5 Areeroo Tafesee Oslo +47-969 804 93 abbarobaa@yahoo.com Miseensa

6 Jarjarsoo Wariyoo Moss +47-998 744 52 wadaay@bakkalchatv.com Miseensa

7 Dr. Obsaa Oslo +47-968 553 06 abesadoo@yahoo.com Miseensa




Seenaa Y.G (2005) tiin. 07-03-15

Karaa Bahaatiin sochiin Afran qalloo Afaanii fi Aadaa Oromoo guddisuuf hujiin isaan hojjatan seenaan galmeesseera. Sabboontoonni sochii Afran qalloo gaggeeysaa turan mootummaa Hayla sillaasee fi mootummaa Dargiitiin hidhamuu, Ajjeefamuu fi biyya itti dhalatan tan akkaan jaalatan dhiisanii jireenya baqatummaa mudataniis danuudha. Karaa Oromiyaa jiddu galeeysaa fi dhihaatiin sochiin Waldayni wal-gargaarsa Maccaa fi Tuulamaa gaggeeysaa turees seenaa qabsoo Oromoo keeysatti bakka ol’aana qaba. Miseensoonni waldaya kanaa gariin mootummoota Haylasillaasee fi Dargitiin hidhamuu, ajjeeffamuu fi biyyarraa arihamuu mudateenii ture. kan hafe dubbisi...












SEENAA Y.G(2005) -----kutaa 2ffaa..05-03-15

Ummati Walabummaa fi Bilisummaa isaaf falmu, humna ta’ee argamuun murteessaadha. Humna ta’anii asi ba’uuf ammoo, gama hundaan waloon dhaabbachuun ykn Diina injifachuuf qaamaa qalbiin Tokkomanii waliin dhaabbatanii hojjachuun dirqama. Tokkummaan nu barbaachisu isa kana. Tokkummaa irratti barru kiyya Kutaa 1ffaa keessatti yaada bal’aa ta’uu baatus amma tokko kaa’uu yaaleera. Har’a kan hafte itti ida’een , yaada biraatti ce’a.


Gama kamiinu haa ta’uu, TOKKUMMAA nu barbaachisu kana goonfachuuf maal gochuu qabna ? Tokkummaan nuuti halkanii fi guyyaa himachaa jirru kana, akkamiin hojii irra oolchinee rakkoo keenya hiikkanna ? jedhee kan of gaafatef. deebiin isaa keessa isaa jiraachuu ni hubata. Kana malees, Tokkummaa argamsiisuu keessatti qoodi kiyya maalii ? jedhee of irraa eegalee kan gaafateef, Tokkummaa nuuti daangaa ceesifnee alaalatti ilaallu sun nu keessa jiraachuu hubata. Tokkummaa diina irratti ka’uuf nu barbaachiisu ummachuuf, nuutu gara Tokkummaatti deemuu qaba moo, Tokkummaatu miilaa fi harka baafatee nutti deemu qaba ? Tokkummaan gonkumaa nutti deemu hin danda’u. Guutuusaa dubbisi...










SEENAA Y.G(2005), 01-03-15

Ummati Oromoo Biyya keessaa fi alatti sagalee tokkon, Diina balaaleffachaa fi falmachaa jiraachuun diina rifaasisun mamii hin qabu. Diinni yeroo dheeraaf Mooraa qabsoo Oromoo diigee , Umurii bittaa isaa dheereffachuuf ifaajjiin taasisie fashalee, Qabsaa’oonni bakka maraa yoo xiqqaate dhimma Ummata isaa fi Oromiyaa irratti wal dhaga’uu eegaluu fi Tokkummaa qabatamaatti tarkaanfachaa jiraachuun, ammas diina irratti shororkaa jabaa uumuun shakkii hin qabu. Diinni Gaaffii Abbaa Biyyummaa Oromoo gara dabarsuuf, addunyaa irrattillee fudhatama dhabsiisuuf, Qabsoo isaas Biyya keessaa baasanii , Ummata isaaniif jilbeenfatu qofaa ummachuuf shirri hammeenyaan guutame fashalee, Biyyuma keessaa falmaa cimaan isaan mudachuun, wayyaanoota irriiba dhawwuu irra dabree, Anga’oonni waltajjii irratti bookkisaa arraba darbaa dubbachuutti ceesisuun haqadha. Guutuusaa dubbisi...









Shira Lukkeelee fi Gooftoota isaani Gaomee dhugaa

Gumii Sabaa tiin, 25-02-15

Yeroo keessa jirru kana keessatti Wayyaaneen Kittilayootaa/Lukkeelee biyya alatti bobbaasuu fi tuffii Ummata Oromoo irraa qabdu ifaan ifatti garsiisaa jirti. Tuffii fi shayni duguuggii Wayyaaneen saganteefatte itti jirtu waan haaraa fi kan yeroo ammaa qofatti shallagamu waan hin tahiniif dhimma kana laalchisee barruu itti aanu irratti bal’inaan waa jachuuf yaala. Amma garuu Baoobbaa eergamtoota Wayyaanee irratti xiiyyeefadha.

Dhimma kana laalchisee Sabboontoonni Oromoo Magaaloota adda addaa keessatti mogolee ergamtootaa cabsuun waan deemaniin irratti fashalsiisuu otuun hordofaa jiru TV Ethiopia irratti waan ergamtoonni Wayyaanee totolfatani dubatan dhagayee, galmee sirreessuu ykn saaxiluuf qalama kiyya kaasuu dirqame – na hofkalchaa. Kan hafe dubbisi...








Ibsa Ejjennoo Jaarmiyaa “Deeggarsa Qeerroo Idil-Addunyaa”qeerrooInternational Qeerroo Suupport Group (IQSG)

Dhaabbata Deeggarsa Eeerroo Idila Addunyaa

Guraandhala 20, 2015

Uummatni Oromoo erga gita bittoota Habashaa jalatti kufee eegalee mirga abbaa biyyummaa fi diimokiraasii mirkaneeffachuuf qabsoo hadhooftuu gochaa ture, ammas gochaa jira. Qabsoo hanga ammaatti taasifameenis galatni guddaan qabsaa’otaa fi sabboontota Oromoof haa ta’u malee bu’aawwan cululuqaan ifatti mul’atanii fi diina haalaan rifaasisan galmaa’aniiru.


Bu’aawwan bonsaa fi seenaan yoomiyyuu yadatu keessa inni tokko qabsoon bilisummaa abbootii irraa gara qeerrootti hundee jabeeffatee xiiqii fi seexaan guutamee ijaaramuu isaati. Yeroo ammaa qabsoon uummata Oromoo haala kamiinuu sadarkaa duubatti hin deebinerra gahee jira. Sodaa fi raafamni wayyaanees haaluma kana waan hubatanii fi akka duriitti Oromoo qooduun, sobuunakkasumas siyaasa rakasaa ta’een bulchuun ulfaata akka ta’e ifatti mirkaneessatanii jiru.


Rifaasuun mootummaa abbaa irree biyya bulchaa jiru qabsoo uummatni Oromoo karaa kamiyyuu gochaa jiruuf gamachuu qofa osoo hin taane abdii yeroon abbaa biyyummaa mirkaneeffachuun gabaabachaa dhufuu isaa argisiisa. Haaluma kanaan torban kana keessa dhaadannoon Obbo Abbaay Tsahaayeen “Addis Ababa Master Plan” ilaalchisee afuufames abdii kutuu mootummaa abbaa irree biyya bulchaa jiru kallattiin kan agarsiise ta’uu irra darbee uummata oromoo lakkoofsaan 70 ol ta’an sababa kanaan loltuu mootummaan kan ajjeefaman osoo dhiigni isaanii hin qooriin dhaadachuun isaa kufaatii mootummaa kanaa kan safisiisudha.


Jaarmiyaan “Deeggarsa Qeerroo Idil-Addunyaa” dhadannoon namicha kanaa kaayyoo dhaabbanneef kan cimsu fi daran xiiqii nutti horee ofkenninee akka qabsoo qeerroon gochaa jiru cinaa dhabbatnu kan nu taasisudha. Qabsoon uummata Oromoo dorsisaa fi dhaadannoon osoo hin taane meeshaa waranaa motummaan abbaa irree impaayeritti qeerrootti dhukaaseen taakkuu tokkollee duubatti hin deebine, ammas hin deebi’u


Kanaafuu ejjennoo Qeerroon bilisummaa dhaadannoo namicha kanaa dura dhaabbachuuf hanga wareegama lubbuutti kennuuf baase ni deeggarra. Haaluma kanaan


Uummatni Oromoo biyyaa alaa fi biyya keessa jirtan marri bakka jirtanitti mormii keessan haala qindaa’een akka dhageessiftan kabajaan isin gaafatna.

Jarmiyaaleen siyaasaa Oromoo kamiyyuu diina qeerroo Oromoo dhabamsiisuuf ka’e dura dhaabbannee mirgaa fi dimokiraasii uummata Oromoo akka mirkaneessinu kabajaan isin gaafatna

Arbasoo fi dhaadannoo namichi kun taasise tufii mootummaa abbaa irree uummata Oromoo fi dhaaba Dh.D.U.Of qabu waan mirkaneesseef miseensotni Dh.D.U.O carraa kanatti gargaaramuun ammaa egaltanii hariiroo mootummaa kana waliin qabdan dhaabdanii qabsoo qeerrootti akka makamtan isin afeerra

Dhalootaan Oromoo kan taatanii fi shira mootummaa abbaa irree kanaa kan hubattan loltootni raayyaa warana keessa jirtan yeroon uummata keessaniif seenaa boonsaa hojjettan amma waan ta’eef qabsoo qeerrootti makamuun itti gaafatamummaa seenaa fi seeraa jalaa akka baatan isin hubachiifna

Haaluma kanaan Jaarmiyaan “Deeggarsa Qeerroo Idil-Addunyaa” qabsoo qeerroon Oromoo taasisaa jiru akka walii galaattii fi mormii dhaadannoo namicha kanaa ilaalchisee taasisu karaa kamiinuu cinaa akka dhaabbatu maqaa wareegamtoota fi qabsaa’ota Qeerroo Oromootiin waadaa isiniif galuu ni mirkaneessa.


Injifannoon Uummata Oromoof!


Gadaan Gadaa Bilisummaati!


Koree Qindeessituu Jaarmiyichaa






SEENAA Y.G (2005) 18-02-15

Filannoo fi waggaa 40ffaa TPLF wal qabsiisanii , addatti hiwaatoonni waan isaan hololaa jiran kan qalbifateef, Bilisummaa keenya goonfachuuf maaltu akka nu irraa eegamu tilmaamu hin dadhabu. Ummati qabsoo gaggeessu tokko,sochii isaa guyyu akkuma hordofu, sochii diinaas hordofuun dirqama. Qabsoon Ummata Oromoo Biyya keessaa fi alatti gama hundaan gaggeeffamaa jiru, jabiina horachaa jiraachuun beekamaadha. Kun diinaaf tasgabbii kan kennu miti. kan itti aanu dubbisuuf...









Balaa Ummata Oromootti aggaamame hanqisuun dima

Ibsa ABO, 18-02-15

".. Ilmaan Oromoo sirna farra ummata Oromoo tajaajiluuf itti fufuu murteeffataniin ala OPDO keessa jiran, haasaan tuffii, karaa biraa ammo abdii kutannaa fi jibbiinsaa Abbaay Tsehayyee, diinni yoomiyyuu diina tahuu kan mirkaneessu waan taheef mirga ummata Oromoo kabajsiisuuf ummata isaanii

cinaaa hiriiruun akka qabsaawan, tarkaanfii seenaa qabeessa fudhattaniinis gaafatama seenaa jalaa akka of baasan ABOn waamicha Oromummaa amma illee irra deebiin dabarsaaf. Guutummaatti dubbisuuf...










Oromiyaa: Kibba-dhiha Finfinneetti Doorsisni Cimeera


Bulchitootni aanaa Iluu, Dawoo fi Walisoo barattootaa fi dafqaan bultoota magaalaa qabanii akeekkachiisaa jiru


Maddi Simbirtuu , dargaggoo Latii Horaa Walisootii akka jedhetti magaala Tajii fi Buusaatti dargaggootni Oromoo halkan sa'aa 1n booda akka manaa hin baanee fi waliinis hin dhaabbanne ugguramaniiru.


Qonnaan bultootni aanaalee kanaas xaa'oo fi shukkaara hin argatani, yoo mootummaa filatan mootummaa filataman malee jedhe maddi keenya kuni.