Breaking: Europe suspends all financial aid to Ethiopia. The way in which the Ethiopian regime is handling the conflict in Tigray is the basis of that European decision. As long as the government in Addis Ababa violates human rights in that conflict, the European money supply will remain closed.

the concerns an amount of 90 million euros in budget support. That will therefore not be paid out for the time being, the European Commission has informed the Ethiopian government.

That does not seem like a huge sum of money, certainly by European standards, but for the poor country in the Horn of Africa it will be a blow on top of the cost of the war in Tigray and the corona epidemic. According to the International Monetary Fund, economic growth in Ethiopia is expected to drop to 1.9 percent this year. Last year there was still a growth of 9 percent.

The European decision had been in the air for a while. The fact that the Ethiopian rulers in the struggle in the northern province of Tigray continue to violate human rights blatantly has now made Europe decide: no more money for Ethiopia. The money would not be released again until Ethiopia allows humanitarian convoys into Tigray and ends the propaganda of hate against people from that province.

Fighting continues in Tigray, although the Ethiopian government claims it controls the region. Almost 7 million people live in Tigray; the conflict has made the majority of them even poorer than they already were. Tens of thousands of civilians have fled the war zone in recent months. There is famine.

The fact that the Ethiopian government refused to the United Nations to bring food aid to Tigray during the conflict caused bad blood internationally. Now there is evidence of human rights violations. For Europe, that is the straw that spills the subsidy bucket. It’s a remarkable evolution: last year Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize …

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